Wednesday, March 2, 2011

akanishi jin's interview in AN AN(feb-22-2011)

11.02.22 anan #1747

Those that continue walking towards their dreams will bring the happiness to those around them. As an artist, having successfully had the America tour amongst 5 cities, Akanishi Jin-san is one of them. "I want to have an album out sometime," was one of the dreams he mentioned, and being able to debut in America granted that dream. Still setting his views on all of Asia and Europe, he sends out a gentle aura to the surroundings.

"I've always thought about releasing oversea. What's my conditions for releasing this time? Um, there's a lot (laugh). For example, the producer. It's not a condition though, cause I get to make the final judgment. Cause I don't want to do things other than those that I approve. Of course, I do listen to the staff for their opinions."

Self-producing the triumph live as the image of an film. Having back shots for the PV and cover of the new single "Eternal" too, are from his own ideas.

"Why is it a back shot? I don't know (laugh). After deciding the release, that image appeared in my mind at first. It was an inspiration. The concerts too, receiving different feelings from different places. Just don't think too much (laugh)."

Though saying that, the work is a reflection of how the artist live their lives. Including the very popular "Murasaki" amongst the fans, makes people imagine that he puts his own experiences due to his ability in writing such a love song.

"But I'm writing a lot of fast beat party songs recently. I don't have a genre every time, so I can create anything I want. I just write what I feel like at that moment and it turns out fine. I am in love. But, I don't have a girlfriend. Although I get annoyed sometime and answer 'I do' at those times (laugh)."

Popular guys tends to get attention for their relationships. At a time where the ambition for young people to aim for stability and challenging oversea gradually decreases, indifferently, yet having a strong mind in walking his own path, such a figure moreover not only attracts the hearts of women, but also wakens the romance in hearts of men.

"I want to challenge my limits. Though rather than 'challenging', it's more like 'I want to try'. Trying things I can accept, and trying things I want to do. Up until now, the results of those still exists and are connected to the next things I do. But I still don't have an overall clear vision. By inspiration on my situation, if the results can follow, then everything is well. It's not that I want to get famous. But I just, want to present something..."

Using world as his stage, though not pushing himself. Or it's safe to say, the Akanishi Jin standing here has never been changed. Like always, saying "I suck at interviews", but can talk and talk when greeting in English.

"Right, I can speak easily (laugh). Though I'm still learning professional English for work."

Akanishi-san, maybe your DNA is that of an American person.

"Iya, I'm Japanese! (laugh) My DNA is still Japanese!"

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- wondering why i copy this doc... its bec of jin said here... he's inlove but he don't have a girlfriend .. is he saying it to kamenashi kazuya... you decide..

bokura no machi de by kat-tun live performance and akame!!!

its been a while and here i am again.. doing my stuff about akame... just watch the video and read kame's lips... is he saying AKANISHI JIN? hmmmm.. id be happy if its all true... akame forever!!!!