Sunday, December 13, 2009

akame moments with hanya and becky and joyman

my fave episode of akame....ep100 with hannya and 101 with becky and joyman... i have edited all scenes ilove in this episodes although all was so so cute... in ep 100, hannya interupts the shy/happy moments of akame..hehehehhe and this is the first time that akame got paired again since cartoon kat-tun started in 2007...kame also volunteers jinjin to teaches hanya how to dance..and jin's reply was so so priceless....,jin also mention here that he also audition for AKIRA role in nobuta wo produce but he failed....he sounds joking but i felt it was true and at the end hanya give porn magazine to akame and his reaction at the ends is kinda.."awww the couple is sharing the the moments together with porn mag in their hands lolz...."....now in episode 101..kame is in jin's room again...while playing cards becky(yankumi)interupts them and say some funny punchline that yankumi always say...and theres joyman who ask akame for advice about her gf..and hearing kame's reply...ahhh the girl probably fall inlove with him....lastly,kame ask jin to hold hand and innocent jin was like"oh kazu what are you thinking?we're in live show"....hehehhe so hilarious!!!ilove this scenes!!i love akame...

akame+pin&ran interviews@shiodomedia&rajikaru

this is the edited interview i make while akame tells about their beloved wanchans namely pin and ran that they bought together long long time ago....akanishi tells his story about his wanchan pin at shiodomedia style last dec-14-2004 and kamenashi tells his story about ranchan at rajikaru last jan-19-2009..i did the subbing for kame's interview...im not good in subbing but i hope it works..now we can clearly see the akame evidence bec.of their pets....akame love is much much true and alive....

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009


1. It has to be this six of us, or it won’t be KAT-TUN. We can’t lack a member, nor can we add or exchange anyone.
2. As long as the most important people, understands the most important things, that’s more than enough.
3.Even if you cry, it’s one day. Even if you laugh, it’s one day. Since that’s the case, let’s live that one day, laughing.
4.Rather than to believe any rumors, I would like everyone to believe what I say. For that would be the truth. I would never lie.
5. If it’s serious, I would never give her up, nor can I even if I want to.
6. I’ve been wondering but, if you feel for something strong enough, be it in any shape, that feeling would be answered someday.
7. It’s a form of happiness to have worries.
8. In this lifetime, these members gathered. Come to think of it, this coincidence is amazing.
9. We fight and agitate each other, but we grow along the way. I feel that, that makes us KAT-TUN.
10. We will all someday have to say Bye bye to everything. So I feel that we have to treasure the fate and people that we meet.
11. Everyone have their own situations, be it sad or painful moments. But ‘For the number of times that you cry, there will be that number of smiles awaiting” That is how I live.
12. To be honest, even when I am working individually, I can heave a sigh of relief when I return to KAT-TUN. …it gives me a sense of security.
13. Even if it’s one-sided, it’s still a form of happiness to have someone you love.
14. The common thing amongst KAT-TUN is that we are all stupid. But despite being stupid, when I am feeling suffocated, there’s no one else that’s as dependable.
15. A good woman, is the woman that I love.
16. No matter what happens, there is no option in me called “disband”
17. We are a natural body of a group of guys. I am confident that we understand each other.
18. I don’t feel that to be fulfilled, definitely equates to happiness. Say for example, there’s someone who’s work is going really fine and money keeps rolling in. But he is too absorbed in work and has no friends left in his private time. Or say there’s an really expensive French full course dinner in front of you, but if there isn’t anyone to share the meal with you while smiling and commenting that it’s good, isn’t it lonely? “Too much” for anything is no good. If something is too completely fulfilled, the balance would be lost and then you start worrying over abnormal things. I want to be a normal person with ordinary worries.
19. KAT-TUN might be the people that I spend even more time with than my family. And they know me really well.
20. If I could have only one wish granted, let’s see… I would wish “May I be happy” 21. With this 5 of them, I would want to keep in contact for as long and deep as possible.
22. Please do not forget that you are definitely being supported by people around you.
23. Eh… the difference between Kame and my opinions are that “they are 360degrees different” 24. I love you, even if you become a granny.
25. Isn’t it more worthwhile to do something and live, than to do nothing and live?
26. It’s really difficult to create trust, but to lose it, you only need once.
27. Water, music and the support of fans. Without this three, the person Akanishi Jin, cannot exist.
28. I do feel that everyone’s existence are supporting me.
29. To be able to name 10 of each other’s shortcomings. Isn’t that a sign of closeness?
30. It is only natural to be in 6 like this. Be it if we debut or we don’t. The bond between us, wouldn’t change.
31. Even if I had a hard time, no matter how harsh it was, I don’t want to tell anyone about it. 32. We only live once. I want to keep smiling, even for a little while more.
33. If you try too hard, you’ll breakdown in the middle. But if everyone start doing something within their ability, and if everyone could think this way and find something. It might be a little at a time. But the world will definitely change.
34. What I definitely can’t give up, is my family and friends. And to treasure the people who are important to me.
35. I feel that shallow and wide friendships are unthinkable.
36. Even if it means that it’ll never be answered, I want to keep being in love.
37. My strength is that I have people are important to me.
38. I didn’t want to forget the strength that I have in being able to keep my faith.
39. Even if it means to take a longer path, let’s walk your own path.
40. Believe in your own instincts and move according to your feelings.
41. Even if my love rival appears, it can’t be helped. Because it’s the woman I loved. Even if anyone else falls in love with her, it can’t be helped.
42. Leave behind all your worries today!
43. If it’s someone I like, I would think that any gestures she does would be cute.
44. Black is a color that can paint over all other colors. Black is fine with me.
45. There’s no such thing as no making of mistakes. So, have confidence.
46. I don’t want her to make me happy; I want to make her happy.
47. Isn’t it nice to be able to smile and live on with the people who are important to you? I would like to be like that, and I would like for everyone to be the same.
48. There are not many times that I can get the dance right okay?
49. I am not KAT-TUN, I am Akanishi! (his reaction when a small kid shouted "AH KAT-TUN" at him on the road)
50. I am sorry but I'm expensive.
51. They say that if you run after two hares, you’ll catch none, and I agree. But I think it’s possible for you to hold one down while running after the other.
52. When I feel suffocated, I look at the sky. When I’m feeling sad, I’ll sleep first. And when I am feeling lonely, I'll meet the members.
53. If I’m told “I want to meet you”, I’ll immediately fly over.
54. If someone who laughs, can no longer laugh. That’s the end of him.
55. Because I know the sense of achievement that one can gain from overcoming a challenge, I would want to always be able to say “bring it on” to any wall.
56. Even if you fall, as long as your legs can still move, you have to keep moving. It’s not time for you to stop yet.
57. People who hate to take the longer route, are not aware that while you take the longer route, you’ll also get to pick up more things. Definitely.
58. It was because I felt that they would definitely be alright. I brought them a lot of troubles and unnecessary hardship. But they are really amazing.
59. What you really want to do, is something you’ll do without telling anyone.
60. Just like always, I’ll keep walking the path I believed in. And even if it results in something negative, I won’t feel that it’s a lost.
61. I appreciate my fans. I am thankful to them.
62. I do not want to show people that I am being uncertain, nor do I want to let anyone see me being uncertain. I just simply hate to lose.
63. I would keep speaking on the phone till the battery runs out.
64. Every encounter is an opporunity to learn.
65. Let's keep our feet on the group, and move forth bit by bit while looking at reality.
66. I definitely want to marry my destined person.
67. Just do what you want to do. Rather than to be a "good" person, I would rather you be who you truly are. And I prefer you that way.
68. A woman's like the train track for a man.
69. Once I decide on something, I would definitely not change. Even if it's white, once I said it's black, then it's black.
70. I am sorry for lacking in words. From now on, I’ll convey my feelings more properly.
71. They say that if you keep wishing, it will come true. I think that way too, and I believe so.
72. There is no answer to love. What you feel, is the answer.
73. If there's 7 days in a week, I would want to meet her for 7 days in a week.
74. I definitely don’t think that I came all the way here on my own. Despite being stuck up, I do feel that being able to come all the way here, it’s because of all the staff who created such an environment for me, and more than anyone, the fans who supported me.
75. If you feel like crying, just cry. I’ll make you smile again.