Friday, April 6, 2012

AKAKAME photos daisuki

akame holding hands..

akame plays..

akame on BTR concert..

akame matching tattoos

akame reads..cartoon KATTUN scene..

chibi akakame

akame showing their chibi photos

jinjin looks at sersious kazu

akame matching shirts

akame love

akame with KATTUN

akame reading..

akame sings in BTR concert

akame on btr

 kazu glancing at jinjin

akame together.

jinjin loves to taste kazu's food.

kazu feeding jinjin..

akame fishing

akame with a baby...

akame kawaii

akame with sufboards..

akame in sendai

note:this blog is purely for akame stuffs and im so happy that im able to update my blog today with purely AKAME photos....credits to the rightful owners...arigatou gozaimasu..