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akame tribute(akame 12th year anniversary)nov-08-2010

this was an akame video tribute i made last november for akame 12th year anniversary..this is also uploaded in youtube...minna pls do enjoy this one even though i have uploaded it here in blog so late....advance merry christmas akame!! GAMBARE!! just wanna say this...my harddisk got reformated...that HD contains all videos and fanfiction i made..all akame stuffs...its so frustrating for me but what can i do ne...it's all done... and that last akame video i made?its not yet done already...bec there's still some errors in cutting the videos...but i have to upload it on time.. so.... any way thanks to all who write good comments in this video...im happy.. so i will continue doing all my stuffs for my,our beloved AKAME!! and KAT-TUN..

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AKAME moments on BTR concert


Last may 15-22 2009 kat-tun held a concert.. the break the records concert.. which I wanna call ACM or akame concert moments
A lot of akame moments strike obviously so I couldn’t help but to assume a lot of things…
Akame love each other, akame is still bestfriends, akame is much still alive!!!! And I will analyze all of that…
First, the kat-tun cartoon selves at the beginning…kame impersonates yankumi and jinjin told him to shut up….which I find really cute…

and then 2nd I saw something about their costumes and stuffs…like the scarf in their pants…
We all know that akame is always wearing scarf to match their pants..tatchan is wearing a scarf over his pants aswell but not as visible as akame’s…..am I right?
pls look at the scarfs that akame wears over their pants.

Next the 3rd.. I just saw it recently… akame is wearing a pair of “red jewel”…I don’t exactly know if its jewel or not….jin wears the red necklace and kame is wearing the bracelet one…akame sharing huh…. I’ll show all the pictures as the evidence..
jin is wearing the necklace
kame wears the bracelet..

The next one the 4th is the sunglasses..kame and jin wear a sunglasses and take them off while they were singing don’t you ever stop..
Kame take off his sunglasses while singing the first part of the song.

kame holds his sunglasses.
And jin take off his, while singing the bridge part

jin is holding his sunglasses too.

Now I wanna show some more. The 5th one,in the song “one drop” I don’t know if its co incidence but at the bridge part while jin is singing the “hitosuji ni kakeru kimi no nioi” “your scent is running on a single thread” he is looking at kame.. is he saying it to kame? I believe so. pls look at the pictue below.

Ok the 6th one is at the song “don’t you ever stop “again at the end while all the members are proceeding to the circle stage, jin moves slowly so he’s at the back singing “stop,stop” kame walk slowly too. Until jin reach kame and looks at each other and kame smiles while eyeing the audience.

The 7th one is at kame’s solo. his song 1582. theres a lot of fan analysis and explanation that I’ve already read in some blogs and live journal about the song… 1582 was written and sing for oda nobunaga japan’s most famous samurai and ranmaru mori , oda’s personal servant and rumored to be oda’s true love. Oda and ranmaru died in the same day 1582.
We all know that kame and jin always mention on tv shows that oda nobunaga was their fave. Samurai and I have read in some journal that theres one time in 2006 before kat-tun debuted, that jin said that he is nobunaga and kame is his ranmaru.

I agree with jin. Kame can really represents ranmaru because of his shorter height and skinny body.. and kame is so so female like because of his femininity and beauty too even though he’s a guy. .

And jin can represents nobunaga because jin is tall and his body is well built. Its like he’s born to protect kame… not to mention jin’s physical appearance. A handsome one.
like in some journal again, I read that in realface con 2006 there are some yarakashis screams mean things about kame and jin said they are too noisy and they are the one who needed to shut up.
And during the realface performance, both jin and kame sang the wrong lyrics and when koki said why both of them made the same mistake jin said, “ today, I am on kame’s side.”
Jin always help and protect kame… like in their con last aug 9 2003 when kame fell of stage and jin is the first one to rush on kame immediately. And after kame went back on the stage, jin always looks at him worried
And theres one kat-tun con in 2007 when they are singing “bokura no machi de,the bridge part, kame’s mic failed and jin starts to cover up kame’s missing voice. Fans screams like crazy..
I have the audio proof of this. Sorry guys. I know I should only talk about the btr..its just that I can’t help my self to tell that for me jin and kazuya are nobunaga and ranmaru that lives in show business.

Theres so many stealing glances of akame in every performance…”don’t you ever stop”,” white Christmas”,&”sadistic love. Ok I’l show some pics .

Next, the 8th one, while they are singing “PEAK” tatchan calls taguchi and the hyper taguchi calls all the members. When taguchi calls kame “kazuya”kame told taguchi to shut up. And then taguchi calls jin too and surprisingly jin repeat what kame have said to taguchi earlier.He told taguchi to shut up too.
The 9th one will be on mc part…
When jin starts to talk and promote his new movie called “BANDAGE’, he became bakanishi lols. When jin are finished promoting his movie, kame said something to jin “end it properly” and jin repeats it. Fans gone wild… proof that they really love akame pairing.. ne.? then kame said “usually you’re free, but do end it well.” our bakanishi repeats it again. Its so cute seeing akame like that happy and hyper.
Kame is the one who talks to jin about jin’s movie..even though they talk formally, I still find it surprising and so sweet… because jin can’t help but to bring back his old self… being cute bakka..

whenever kame talks, jin always repeats it as always our only bakanishi.

is kame jealous while looking at jin and koki talking?

kame joins jin and koki’s conversation. Its like “ if you can’t beat them, join them.” Ne kamechan? Kame have no guts to make conversation with jin alone. So he thinks it might better if he’ll join them instead..
(its only what I have in mind while watching them…peace… pls don’t be mad at me guys.. I just really love akame..)

kame is like this, he don’t want only other members touch his jinjin… so first, he join the conversation of jin and koki.
Kat-tun gives away some large posters to the fans in the audience. They picks tickets and the owner of the ticket will win that posters. Jin reads the ticket his holding… its 4,44,444, all the members were surprise so they gathered aroud jin (junno,maru and tatchan) then the left out kame went to jin too and touches jin’s hand so that jin will show him the ticket and jin is happily showing the ticket to kame…its so so cute… im so much inlove with that scene…so so akame touch. Kame don’t let other members only touching jin… he will touch jin too.. after that kame walks away and jin is still looking at him.so kawaii..
Next one, is at the bridge part of the song “MOON”.. akame walks towards each other to sing the bridge part till the end of the song.

Next one is the song “real face.” This is the only performance that causes jin to be in bad mood.. kame sings the intro, and in jin’s turn,he change the lyrics as if he’s talking to kame.. at first, I thought akame is standing and singing face to face but they’re not. Then at the rap part of koki, kame is the one who sings while walking towards koki, flirty kame huh…. Jin goes to the opposite side, towards maru and after the rap, jin let maru sing his parts… “only maru can make him smile at that performance.” after maru, kame calls taguchi to sing his parts and the three of them gathered.(kame,taguchi and koki..

Now jin’s mood really changed.. as if, he hates being there singing with the rest of the members. ,as if he wants to disappear to where he stands. Because he hates the feeling that he’s watching his kazu, flirting with koki… is jin jealous?.

Here’s the last picture I took almost In the end of the song. Jin is so serious,(mad,jealous,or sad) I don’t know. Kame walks beside jin, He’s wearing sunglasses so I don’t know if he looks at jin. While kame is having fun there’s one guy who cannot hide what he feels. Sad jinjin…
The next one is the battle between pairings.. tatchan vs taguchi., maru vs koki., and kame vs jin…

Kame and jin fights for who’s the best in flying…lets see all the pictures and see who won, who gives up and who loose.
Who win? Obviously its kame.. why he wins? Not just because he’s good in flying because of dream boys. its because jin give up. Jin give way for kame. its ok for jin to loose as long as kame will win..in this battle, I salute on jinjin.. he don’t wanna be on top as kame.. to be at the back of kame is enough for jin… I remember in some journal again that I read that jin said he’s happy that he is able to watch kame grows up.

akame splited in to two teams. Jin with taguchi and maru. And kame with tatchan,and koki. That’s why when akame already finished the battle and they goes down,taguchi picks jin and tatchan picks kame. How sad for me that J.E don’t manage to put down kat-tun in order. for me, its so unfair until now. They start doing it seriously since jin went back to japan. Held the “sendai concert” and see lots and lots of akame but then after. Akame moments gone, there’s a few but its all hidden and you can’t hardly see it if you only watch it once..
I read some akame meme in live journal. There’s one western akame fan since 2004 “x_misia_x”
I copy the comment she wrote. Here it is.
“Akame fans likes to fantasize about them but those who really would approve them together as a real couple are really few and that’s the sad thing. The world, the society, everything..”
its true right? So rather than to be separated because of PDA & scandals, its better to obey every single Johnny rules. But by obeying Johnny, akame real friendship and special relationship suffer.
Here’s the next one at the song “wilds of my hearts” taguchi was the center of attention while all the members are singing “ taguchi hashiru”.Taguchi run all over the stage.. so jin change his lyrics and kame change his lyrics too so akame like ne.. changing lyrics, mess up, repeating one another. Here are the pictures.

Jin is looking at kame… he can’t help but to stare at his bestfriend whenever all audiences,members and concert staffs are focusing in one person.

So end of wilds of my hearts, then lets go to the next song “NEIRO” I thought I will not see any akame scene here.. I don’t know but all the pictures I will show you are all akame scenes.. here’s the pictures..

Jin is changing his lyrics again..” kono hiroi sekai no toukyo de”
now its kame who sings like hes talking to the audience…

Akame is like this, “do it and I’ll follow”.

After the song, kat-tun bid goodbyes to the audience. But the audience seems to know the band very well.. that there’s some more..
And that’s “SHE SAID”

Just a bit akame I just notice their standing position in the opposite side. And the other one, when kame spilled some water from his mouth, all the drop goes to jin’s place..
The next one is the song “PEACEFUL DAYS”
shall I credit the makers of the btr dvd? Because they always making akame like they were singing or looking at each other? Thank you.

After kat-tun sings and make credits to all the johnny’s jrs who helped them. They stand in front and bowed to the audiences. I really thought that that was the end of the concert but after 1 minute of waiting, kat-tun shows up again to sing the encore of the concert…
The first song is “HARUKA NA YAKUSOKU” jin mess up his lyrics at the first part because he forgot his line… so so bakanishi ne.. I love this.
and after jin’s bakaness strikes, kame mess up too.. a sign of AKAME LOVE huh… so cute kame can’t do nothing… maybe he’s watching and concentrating at jin while he sings so that’s why he mess up too.

So let’s move on to the next scene… when KAT-TUN members bowed to the audiences. The last bow..
We can see lots and lots of akame there. Let’s see all the pictures.
akame looks at Each other. Walk a bit fast so that they can stand beside each other. Like all the concert that they had.. but… the kat-tun position ended up like this,.. pls look at the pictures below.

For me its feels like je management are so unfair because they always put KAT-TUN members in “wrong” order. is now kat-tun name are like this? NKU-TAT or TTK-NAU…the management should be reasonable sometimes…
bed Kame is still staring at jin hiding his true feelings.. the feeling of disappointment but jin is so obvious.

Minna this akame document I did is not 100%accurate.. some of it just came from my thoughts. Because I still believe in the power of akame real friendship. That even in edited dvd, its still obvious… some people say akame is over or dead.. but for me it’s a big no no… here in their brt concert? Akame is hiding something..but us? Avid fans can easily see what the real score is… akame is much still alive, jin shows all he can. And kame is following what jin’s doing even though he is using s bit of formality.. that’s akame. And their real friendship…it will not fades forever… domo arigatou minnasan..
Now I’ll acknowledge all help I’ve got..
First is from newshfan.if its not for her I can’t watch the btr with sub.. arigatou wendy..
2nd is to my akame sis,dana.. danalovesakame,serenity dana,danalovesakamenew.. this is her usernames. Thankyou sis for helping me with the grammar of this document. You’re one of my inspiration for making this akame project… like you, I will not stop believing in AKAME thnkz for always supporting me whenever im in arguments about akame and kokame stuffs.. do you remember that? Arigatou ne..
3rd is to all akame fans on lj and facebook. Especially to “x_misia_x” I cut one of her comments about akame’s special friendship.. and I believe her too… that’s why I feel so sad for our love akame because people can’t understand their relationship… anyways, thankyou guys…

So this is the end of the concert… demo, please look at kame…He turn around to see the audience for the last time… but my thought here is he is checking on jin…
Minna just believe what your heart’s said ne… domo arigatou gozaimasu..

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kat-tun image battle@shounenclub jan16 2005(akame)

another akame cute moments... i love this vid bec for me it certifies that shingo and yoko from kanjani8 is an AKAME fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and as always the stars of this day is AKAME!!!

akame moments in cartoon kat-tun II you concert(realface)

just watch if you guys wants to be happy seeing akame... this is just 1song but alot of akame moments strikes... .jin mess up and kame mess up too .akame same lyrics .lots and lots of akame it makes my heart giggles... all my youtube accts are all deleted so i am updating here in my blog... and i'll make another akame yt acct again.......they can't stop me exposing akame love!!!!!

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kat-tun guest at utaban feb-09-2010

utaban-february-09-2010 kat-tun guest at utaban they talk about yamato nadeshiko,and kame's co star said something about kame too.... and bandage..they talk about bandage too and how nakai san tell some joke on jin..they even show some songs in 1991-1999

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akame 3 seconds aishiteru moments

kat-tun guest at music atation and they talk about the new single of kat-tun yorokobi no uta kat-tun perform the song...and akame moments occurs..at 1:39-1:42 akame looks at each other while saying the words aishiteru...isnt that sweet?jin was surely shocked about that and he only recovers at the end bu smiling widely...so so akame moments ne... music station june-08-2007

Monday, February 8, 2010

this is an audio of the song bokura no machi de where kamenashi's mic failed while singing the bridge part,,. when jin notice that they cant hear kame's voice he immidiately sing kame's part to cover up the missing voice...this clip is surely one of those akame moments that JE wants to hide by editing the concert dvds... taken fron 2007 tokyo dome concert i love akame!! i will search for more akame stuff..

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koyamaru segment where nakamaru should show some pics of kat-tun mems -koki and tatsuya -taguchi&taguchi and to koyama and audience disapointment.AKAKAME is not there bec according to maru AKAKAME "went home earlier"hmmmmmmmmmmmmgo home together?too good to be true!!! maru,its ok to reveal more heheheh love you for that..dec-06-2009

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sports day pics part3


akame/kat-tun sportsday pics

another kat-tun and akame sportsday pics..

akame sports day pics

akame pics at johhnys sports day dec 14 2009 at tokyo dome..kawaii akame ne..

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new an an photos of kamenashi kazuya to be release on march 02/2010

this is kamenashi kazuya's an an photos to be release on march 02 2010...this is his 2nd time to pose in an an but its still wholesomepics....ilove this gorgeous hime!!!!

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minnasan, pls feel free to visit my acct in youtube...acctually this acct is the 4th now..after youtube delete my 3 previous akame/kat-tun aacts before...
kayekhate,ashjinkazu,ashjinkazuya,akakameloveystil(my bff's acct i also use before) hope my latest acct ashijinkazuya will stay forever....im tired reuploading all my stuffs in yt....

love akame
love kat-tun

akakame reviews/reports/interviews/fanreports

By ashiya maki........ystilloveakame AKAME REVIEWS

2001: What's friendship? "Thank you for always playing ball with me." Kame. "Next time I'll teach you to play soccer." Jin.

- March 2002 (Myojo):Jin was talking about 17 years of his life. In the end he said “I won’t forget to thank people around me: my family, staff, fans… and Kame!"Proof (picture from the Chinese blog)

Jin said that he likes people who smell nice.Kame: "Sometimes I forget to dry myself after I bathe."Jin: "Kame smells nice each time.

"- July 2002 (Duet):While Kame was wearing an apron and preparing a bento for Jin:“For Jin, I even got rid of the toast’s corners.”

- January 2003 (Potato):KAT-TUN had to use animals to represent the members:Jin: "Kame is a penguin."Next question: 'If you’re opening a pet store, what kind of pet should you like to sell?'Jin: "A penguin is not bad."

- March 2003 (Potato):Jin about Kame: "being able to straightforwardly say what’s in the heart is one of this guy’s qualities."

- April 2003: Kame: "Being able to know Akanishi through this job is really great."Jin: "Really? Yay! Thanks~!"

- April 2003 (Myojo):Jin:"Because Kame fell asleep first, I had no choice but to go to the bath house by myself. I wanted to go together with him, because the bath house was super dark and super scary!"Kame: "But I was really sleepy!

"- July 2003(Duet):Jin: "Kame gets along with everyone very well; he's someone who's afraid of loneliness and feels like he cannot do anything without someone!"Kame: "I like Jin's face when he sings; his expression is very vivid, but please don’t suck your nose!" [WTF? ROFL!]

- August 2003(Potato): 'KAT-TUN’S 30 Mysteries', Jin’s turn:Question: Is there something you want to ask a member?Jin: "Kame, actually you like me, right?"To which Kame replied, "Yes... But as a member!"

- September 2003 (Winkup):Jin about Kame: "At first, I thought he was modest, but after knowing him better, he's actually a baka!"

- September 2003 (Potato):During the part where Akame exchange mail:Jin: "Next time, remember to use Kame-chan and Koki’s amulets!"

- End of 2003: Kame: "Jin, if you keep talking at night, we won’t be able to sleep again!"Jin: "Obviously, you're actually very happy in your heart!"

- 2004: The song 'Care' which was written by Jin is supposedly a response to the song 'Kizuna' written by Kame. Once Kame said in an interview: "Kizuna is a love song..." And then some time later Jin asked him: "You wrote Kizuna for me, right?" Kame: "...Yes."Also, it is rumoured that 'Care' was originally named 'I Know'.

- November 2005 (Potato):The question asked: 'What's the one thing that you can't bear to throw away?'Kame: "A T-shirt Akanishi and I made ourself, when we went to Okinawa to film Tackey's show. I want to treasure items that can represent memories."

- 2006: During KAT-TUN's Real Face Concert Tour, both Jin and Kame sang the wrong Real Face lyrics. When Koki asked why both of them made the same mistake Jin responded "Today, I am on Kame's side."................................

When Jin was singing "Care" in the 2005 Looking Concert, either at the chorus or somewhere with significant lyrics, Jin suddenly looked in Kame's direction and tucked his hair behind his ear, showing the turtle earing on his left ear......The song 'Care' which was written by Jin is supposedly a response to the song 'Kizuna' written by Kame. Once Kame said in a concert report: "Kizuna is a love song..." And then some time later Jin asked him: "You wrote Kizuna for me, right?" Kame: "...Yes."Also, it is rumoured that 'Care' was originally named 'I Know'............

September 2001: Because Jin had won the Shounen Club JR Fight, Tackey voted for them to go to Okinawa. This was the only time both of them went alone to film a program, and they talk about it a lot. Kame said that he would go to Okinawa if he was feeling down.

In one of the magazines published towards the end of 2005, it was said that the clothes they wore for filming in Okinawa were still around (as in, preserved?).

In 2005, the video of them in Okinawa was played again.(2005 November Potato) The question was "What's the one thing that you can't bear to throw away?" "A T-shirt Akanishi and I DIY-ed, when we went ³?E? to film for a program. I want to treasure items that can represent memories." Kame.Other vacation stories:[Fan report:]

When they were in LA, Kame and Jin's rooms were connected. After they had checked out, the room service realized that the bed in one of the rooms was so neat as if it hadn't been used.Also during the LA period, when they went shopping, Jin pulled Kame out from among the fans and dumped Maru in. .................Fan report]

At the 06/05/04 concert, when Shuuji/Kame was dancing, Akihiko/Jin was supposed to go off stage and change costumes, but instead he actually stayed on stage and danced the "Seishun Amigo" dance with Kame.Because of this, many fans started shouting "AKAKAME!". Later, Koki seemed to be speaking to Jin softly, supposedly to tell him to go off stage, because the fans were screaming "Akakame" like crazy. So Jin went off stage eventually...

XDWhen fans were screaming mean things to Kame during one of their "Real Face" concerts, Jin complained that they were too noisy.

When Jin was singing "Care" in an Utawara episode, either at the chorus or somewhere with significant lyrics, Jin suddenly looked in Kame's direction and tucked his hair behind his ear, showing the turtle earing on his left ear. (Original Author's comment: And Jin does not have the habit of tucking his hair behind his ear when he's singing)

August 2002. KAT-TUN's first concert. Kame shouted, 'My best friend - Jin!"

2003. August 9. During their concert, Kame fell from the stage. Jin rushed to his side immediately. After Kame returned to the stage, Jin always kept a watchful eye on him..........

Once a Japanese fan gave a joy toy to Jin personally, and said "please use this with Kamenashi!". In the end, Jin accepted the 'gift' with a straight face and said "Thank you."

A very long time ago, Akame and 2 other member of KAT-TUN went home by train. Kame leaned on Jin's shoulder to sleep, and Jin leaned on Kame's head to sleep. After awhile, the others became quite noisy, so Jin raised his head and said "So noisy!" Then he adjusted the jacket on Kame, leaned on Kame's head again and resumed sleeping.[Fan report:]

The second time they filmed a PV, Kame leaned on Jin to sleep.Jin said that he often listens to "Special Happiness" before he goes to sleep. Interpret as you wish . ^_~[Fan report:]

(Too good to be true, if you ask me XD) Kame, Jin and some others went to have dinner. Jin seemed to be down and drank a lot, and he kissed Kame on the road! (Nika: Yeah right...) And Kame let him kiss him without resisting... Eventually they were pulled apart by the others...[Fan report:]

The hosts of Utawara, Yamapi and Kame went for a meal, and Kame drank a lot. At the restaurant's entrance when they were leaving, one of the hosts was seen making a phonecall. A while later, Jin came, and apologized to that host, then brought Kame back. Kame was acting under the influence of alcohol, insisting that Jin carried him to the car... Jin felt very awkward... Both of them took a long time to settle the situation before the car eventually drove off...During Kame's "Coming of Age" ceremony, Jin was also present: he was watching behind the corner and wore the pinky ring (!). ...................

Kamenashi and Akanishi became official members of Johnny's Jimusho.While Kamenashi passed the auditions, Akanishi didn't, but he was stopped by Johnny himself who decided Jin should be a JE member as well.- Akame still remember what they looked like on their first meeting.Jin: "I still clearly remember my first meeting with Kame; it was at the audition at the Jimusho, he was in a blue sports attire, I was wearing jeans." Kame: "It was Jin who started our conversation. At that time I thought he looked a lot like Takizawa [Hideaki; their senpai]."

- Somewhere in 1998:Kame: "To be able to know Jin through this job is really great." Jin: "It makes me happy to watch this guy grow up."..........Jin: (about his early friendship with Kame in 1999) "At that time we were still using formalities with each other! *laughs* Later, since we lived so close, we often went to dance rehearsals together and even went home together."Later on, Kame answered practically the same:Kame: "Maybe it's because we lived so close, we often went out to play, shop, watch movies... And ride bikes to Jin's home."..........

When "fans" (Yarakashi's, I assume) were screaming mean things to Kame during their concert (like "Kame, die!" and "Shut up", "Go home", ...), Jin shouted they needed to shut up.During the Real Face performance, both Jin and Kame sang the wrong lyrics. When Koki asked why both of them made the same mistake Jin responded "Today, I am on Kame's side."

- Somewhere in 2006 (Utawara):After the shooting of Utawara (the episode in which Jin was holding the little girl) the girl who was always around Jin went to Kame and wouldn't let him go (wanting to play with him, I guess? XD). Jin dragged her away and said: "Don't bother Kame. Let him have some rest." [taken from Trinna's blog]

- In the making of Signal PV, Jin asked Kame to help him hold his phone while he slipped on the PINKY RING.(what do you think guys?another akame pinky ring?)decide guys!!!

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KAT-TUN bokura no machi de performance@best artist

kat-tun guest at ntv best artist(november-11-2006)and they sang their single BOKURA NO MACHI DE....jin is already 1month in LA at that time....

in the performance we can clearly see kame's fingers have word written in it...the word LOVE and below the letter E in his pinky finger theres a small letter J..........WE ALL KNOW WHO'S LETTER J ne....J for Jin akanishi their mem who's currently on LA and kame is the one who we all know jin's bestfriend(special friend)

its just show that kamenashi kazuya was really hurt when jin leaves japan to study english in america and kamenashi is too obvious that he misses his jin so much that he will put jin's initial on his finger ne.....(pinky finger...)

i really believe in akame love..thats why i will continue searching all akame videos...

Tuesday, January 5, 2010




KAT-TUN performs their song called SHOT at shounen club premium..

i already edit this vid and put the original audio and even do some lyrics subbing.. i really really like this performance..kame and tatchan seems like pretty hime's....and i like the akame scene...at the bridge part....love SHOT....

jin got jealous at kame and kusano(hadaka no shounen clip)

kusano tells evryone that he like kame to do the ending segment and jin was complining that kame has kusano whi support him...at the end kusano hugs kame and jinjin complains again..he said he likes kusano's hud too...but im a bit doubted...jinjin..whaos huggs do you really like?kusano or kamechan?heheheh AKAME MOMENTS ONCE AGAIN...

YOUTUBE DELETED THIS UPLOAD OF MINE SO I WILL JUST UPLOAD IT HERE IN MY BLOG............credits to kamepi_chan for the clip and sub...