Sunday, July 25, 2010

kat-tun image battle@shounenclub jan16 2005(akame)

another akame cute moments... i love this vid bec for me it certifies that shingo and yoko from kanjani8 is an AKAME fan!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and as always the stars of this day is AKAME!!!

akame moments in cartoon kat-tun II you concert(realface)

just watch if you guys wants to be happy seeing akame... this is just 1song but alot of akame moments strikes... .jin mess up and kame mess up too .akame same lyrics .lots and lots of akame it makes my heart giggles... all my youtube accts are all deleted so i am updating here in my blog... and i'll make another akame yt acct again.......they can't stop me exposing akame love!!!!!